Nick Caruso- Ol Salty II Sportfishing NJ
1-800-836-TUNA / 1-800-836-8862
Charter fishing in Belmar, NJ
Nick Caruso- Ol Salty II Sportfishing NJ
Charter fishing in Belmar, NJ
1-800-836-TUNA / 1-800-836-8862

sCUBA DIVING policies

Arrival Time:

Arrive at least 30-60 minutes prior to departure time to load your equipment, park your car and get acclimated with boat policies, because we depart promptly at the scheduled time.


Equipment Requirements for All Dives:

  • Mask
  • snorkel
  • fins
  • cold water booties
  • gloves
  • hood
  • wet suit or dry suit
  • buoyancy compensator
  • regulator with information console and safe second (redundant regulator) or CCR
  • dive computer
  • single or double tanks
  • stage or pony bottle
  • weight belt with adequate weight
  • divers tool (knife and or shears)
  • dive light
  • safety sausage (SMB)
  • audible sounding device (whistle, dive alert)
  • wreck or penetration reel
  • dive slate
  • dive tables
  • log book and certification card
  • gear bag or box
  • save a dive kit.


Equipment Requirements for Extended Technical Dives:

  • Emergency up line
  • lift bag
  • strobe
  • back up mask
  • back up reel
  • back up dive light
  • back up diver’s tool.
  • Optional but highly recommended
    • Nautilus Lifeline Marine Rescue personal GPS
    • flares
    • dye marker.


Refunds:  Deposits are non refundable.

Cancellations:  The Captain determines whether to cancel any trip due to weather or sea conditions.  Cancelled trips are rescheduled.  If the rescheduling cannot occur the current season, the deposit will carry to the following season.  If an individual or group does not show the day of the trip, the deposit is forfeited.



Dive Waivers and Releases.

Click on image below to access the file(s) dive :


Standard Waiver


Extended Release Form